About us

Legal Bridge group has been successfully operating  for more than 20 years. We provide business support services:

  • Tax consulting
  • Representative Office and Branch
  • Companies Incorporation
  • Employment of foreign nationals in Russia
  • Certification
  • Accounting services & Audit
  • Full package for foreign company in Russia

Legal Bridge is an alliance of companies such as Audit Plaza, legal firm LB Pravo and accounting firm LB Buhgalteia, operating under the Legal Bridge TM registered trademark.

The Group specializes in comprehensive solutions. As our experience proves, clients often require "tailor made" solutions, integrating legal, regulatory and tax aspects. Having a diversified team of professionals gives us an advantage in problem solving for our clients.

38A, Leninskiy Prospect, Moscow, 119334, Russia
+7 (495) 287-73-94, telegram: @legal_bridge, e-mail: info@legal-bridge.ru
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